If you have an item that you are interested in selling at auction, or you have a property to sell including contents, then we are able to assist you in a number of ways.

Witham Auctions offers valuations (excludes valuations for insurance purposes) and consignment services on a variety of items including, but not limited to, jewellery, gold, silver, coins and notes, original artwork and prints, ceramics, glassware, clocks and watches, furniture, musical instruments, records, toys, memorabilia, medals and militaria, champagne, whisky and wines, property and land.


We regularly offer Probate valuations for our clients and their solicitors.  Following your enquiry, our auctioneer and valuer will call to discuss your requirements and individual circumstance.  We will also discuss our fees (this will vary upon time required to assess items due to size of property/rooms) and explain the process and then arrange a convenient time to meet at the property.

The valuations will be provided in accordance with Section 160 of the Inheritance Tax Act 1984. Any items over £500 will be listed individually and remainder listed under general 'global' listing. Any items saleable under £500 will still be recorded. A report will be produced for the executors and in the event of beneficiaries or executors wishing to dispose of the items we can provide a complete sale service.  This entails arranging collection, appropriate auction assignment and advice on reserves.

Please email us with your initial enquiry in the first instance so that we may then make contact to discuss your requirements further.


Auction Valuations - We offer a free auction consignment valuation service by arranging an appointment to bring the item into the Sale Room, and we can also make a house visit (depending on location)  if you are unable to bring items to the Sale Room or are looking for us to consign many items.

Property and Land Valuations - We can offer a free valuation service, for private sale marketing. We can arrange for the property valuer to discuss your requirements and time scales.

Please email us in the first instance with any supporting information, photographs and your contact details so that we may contact you.


Spiritual Healing, Object and Property Cleansing

Homes and objects can have residual energy, and by using a combination of tailored energy work and healing energy techniques to cleanse or draw on energies which can give comfort to those seeking spiritual support and healing.

We can offer a personal service by our resident healer. Please email us with your contact details in the first instance so that we can make contact and provide a quotation.

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